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What’s easy/What’s hard

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When I look back on my photographic career (whether I look a day, a month, or even years back), “what’s easy” and “what’s hard” hasn’t changed.




I am being defeated by snowdrops

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There are some snowdrops in a nearby park. Delicate, tiny little flowers, they are achingly beautiful.

It’s a huge patch, and they catch my eye every time I walk by. I’ve watched them come up for three years now (last year, they poked their heads through actual snow!), and I’ve been desperate to get a photo of them that does justice to how they make me feel.

Well, have I got that photo? No! I’ve shot them from above and from below, I’ve shot them with the late evening sun sweeping over them and through them, I’ve shot them on wonderfully cloudy days, I’ve shot them in the rain and snow, I’ve crawled in the mud to get them from below, I’ve used macro lenses, normal lenses, 200mm telephoto lenses, even a wide-angle tilt-shift lens. I’ve used my big cameras, and my little ones, and I’ve shot them in natural and artificial light. I still haven’t got a photo that really captures them! (no “wow” factor, and there needs to be a wow factor, they’re that beautiful).

When I’m wandering around with a camera, and something catches my eye, I pause, take a good look, and ask myself why I noticed that scene/object/person. What exactly made me stop and look twice? I then try to emphasise that in a photo. These little snowdrops catch my eye every time I walk past them, I always pause at least for a moment (or an hour :-) to contemplate. I still haven’t identified just what it is about these flowers, I know there is a photograph there, I just haven’t found it yet.

The subject line for this post is “I am being defeated by snowdrops”, but I am not yet defeated! They’re just about finished for this year, but I know exactly where they come up and, next year, I’ll get that shot! (I know it :-)