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Albert Watson, wisdom

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I’m reading the excellent book: “Photo Wisdom: Master Photographers on their Art” (full of interviews insights and photos, all collated by Lewis Blackwell). Albert Watson wrote something that really resonates with me:

“Why is my work so diverse? If I see a landscape that I think is amazing, I take a picture. If Rolling Stone ask me to photograph Bruce Springsteen…I do it. It is interesting and I enjoy photographing people. If I find something interesting to shoot, I shoot it.”

EXACTLY!!! “If I find something interesting to shoot, I shoot it.”

Rolling Stone hasn’t called, yet, but I can’t express how much sense this makes to me. There is a lot of pressure on photographers to specialise (at least those that want to make a living taking photos), and I’ve been strongly resisting that idea. It’s natural for me to bring every part of myself to the process of making a photo, of any subject: a portrait, an amazing building, a nude in the studio, a sunrise landscape, an urban detail.

It’s refreshing, and liberating, to read that such a talented photographer feels the same way.